Combined Training

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The CSI HOY competition year is Nov 1st through Oct 31st of the following year

The dressage score of a combined test may count toward a separate Dressage HOY award (the horse must be nominated for both). See Dressage Awards for additional details.

If both the Dressage score and the Combined Training score are to be counted toward separate HOY awards, please submit the actual dressage score sheet to count for the Dressage HOY and the total penalties score on the CSI Competition Report Form.

Rated, non-rated (schooling events) qualify. A minimum of 2 scores must be submitted for each Combined Training level. (Please note: 5 scores are required for dressage and for dressage HOY, the requiring two scores from the highest test of the USDF level still applies.)

Scores from events must be submitted within 15 days of the competition. Web based score results are acceptable. CSI competitor must provide CSI office a live link to scores.

Tests used in an event or combined test must be the current dressage tests (dated 2011).

Combined Training HOY will include Junior/Young Rider, Amateur, & Open awards at the followingdivisions:

Beginner Novice

The  “Green as Grass” Combined Training  HOY is for Jr. riders only.

USEA test comparision to USDF (for CSI Dressage HOY)

If applying USEA tests to CSI Dressage HOY, USEA tests map to USDF levels as follows:

Beginner Novice Training Level
Novice Training Level
Training Level First Level
Preliminary Level First Level

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