Combined Driving Awards

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The CSI HOY competition year is Nov 1st through Oct 31st of the following year

Combined Driving scores should be submitted in a total number of penalties.

The dressage score of a Combined Driving test may count toward a separate Dressage HOY award (the horse must be nominated for both).

CDE and HDT scores may be applied to the Combined Driving award. Scores must be submitted on a CSI Competition Report Form. Scores from events must be submitted within 15 days of the competition. Web based score results are acceptable. CSI competitor must provide CSI office a live link to scores.

In the case of pairs, tandem or teams, all horses, ponies or VSE must be registered with CSI in a Curly division (all divisions excluding Breeding Improvement apply). One nomination fee applies for the pair, tandem or team but all participating animals need to be named in the nomination. No substitutions may be made mid season.

Rated, non-rated (schooling events) qualify. A minimum of 2 scores must be submitted for each division (see below).

Combined Driving HOY will include Junior, Amateur & Open awards at the following divisions:


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